King Sunny Adé – Ajoo,Sunny Alade Records, 1983

King Sunny Adé - Ajoo, front

From Nigeria we have here, King Sunny Adé and his African Beats,
this is Juju music, a laydback smooth type of African music with hummingtalkingdrums, steeley guitars and mellow voices. It’s incredible to hear
18 people play like ONE, beautiful. Ajoo was also released in a European
cut which is very different from this African release. One sidenote; The first
3 numbers are melted together as if they are one, it was very difficult to
cut it into 3 numbers, considering the fact I don’t understand a word they
sing here, I am SURE I cut them completely wrong, please forgive me.


1 Ajo ni mo re
2 Pegan pegan
3 Oluwa lagboju le
4 Gbeyo gbeyo
5 Penkele
6 Ewele
7 Tolongo


6 thoughts on “King Sunny Adé – Ajoo,Sunny Alade Records, 1983

  1. Thanks! I had this a long time ago on vinyl. This LP always seemed like a bookend to the Island Syncro LP. IMO, tracks Ewele through Penkele are especially freaking awesome!

  2. Can you please re-upload this album without the nasty track cuts between 1-2-3? Thanks in advance.

    • No I can not Everlyne, just play them the trhee after each other and you will not notice..
      you are exegerating, nasty why..?

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