Sociedad 76 – El Hulkde la Salsa, Fania 1980

Something funny is going on here, the A-side of this LP has 4 numbers
according to the backcover, but the LP has 5 tracks on each side.
When we look at the arrangerscredits we see that we miss track 2.
If I listen closely I can not make out excactly, so for the record
I named that second track; ‘El hulk de la salsa’, after the albumtitle.
I hope you aprove there. By the way, don’t you just love that cover ?
This is an old time personal favorite, especially #’s 9 and 10 I used
to play a lot on party’s. Johnny Zamot beats
his rhythms tide, check it out !


1 La musica es mi vida
2 ‘El hulk de la Salsa’
3 Ay corazon
4 La salsa ahora
5 Entre amistad
6 La humanidad
7 Amor tragico
8 Olvidame
9 Yo soy boricua
10 Traidores


8 thoughts on “Sociedad 76 – El Hulkde la Salsa, Fania 1980

  1. ¡Oye que rico! Again a great album you posted here, if not only for the cover, hehe… just love the style of music you´re presenting on this page! every visit comes with a delightful surprise.

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