Various Artists – Calypsos too hotto handle, Monogram Records 1958

Before you start downloading this rare Calypso Collector, please
take notice of the fact that track # 8, ‘Don’t touch me nylon’, is
unfortunately broken. It jumps a few times. I had to trick track #
10 too, it was too broken to place. This is a rare collector of old
calypsos, no year is given. An LP full of ‘naughty songs’, you don’t
need too much imagination to hear between the lines. Taken the
condition and some cracks and hiss, this is still a spin worth it’s
while, and how about that great cover ?


1 Lord Kitchener – Kitch
2 Duke of Iron – Big bamboo
3 Lord Kitchener – Muriel and the bug
4 Duke of Iron – I left her behind for you
5 Hayden – He like it, she like it
6 Duke of Iron – Parakeets
7 Marie Bryant – Mommie out the light
8 The Charmer – Don’t touch me nylon
9 The Charmer – Is she is, or is she ain’t
10 Marie Bryant – Don’t touch me tomato
11 Duke of Iron – Music lesson
12 Duke of Iron – Postman


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