Anibal Velásquez y su Conjunto
Pop DCM Venezuela

Anibal Velásquez, front

Colombian acordeonist Anibal Velásquez is back at GG with a rare
album on a Venezolan label; Pop DCM. I found this one in Paris
on my last visit. It contains 12 great songs that will make
you dance across the room. One of my biggest Colombian idols.


1 Ojos verdes
2 La maestranza
3 Linda Catirita
4 Coqueto de agua
5 Noche Sabanera
6 A Maracaibo
7 El resucitado
8 La tranca
9 Mejor que te vayas
10 Fiesta de la Chinita
11 El pachanguero
12 El ron con con


11 thoughts on “Anibal Velásquez y su Conjunto
Pop DCM Venezuela

  1. This one does not sound like boogaloo at all to me….whatever my most favorite theme is: “Fiesta de la Chinita”.

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