Lord Creator – Jamaica Time, Studio One, mid 60’s

Lord Creator, front

When it comes to handling smooth ballads, Lord Creator always
was a class of his own. In the 60’s he recorded Calypso
and also Ska, but his style was quite different from what
others were doing those days. Lord Creator was born Kentrick
Patrick in San Fernando, Trinidad, but spent a lot of years in
Jamaica. “When UB40 honoured the quality of his ‘Kingston Town’,
and included it on their ‘Labour of Love’ cover version album,
Creator was able to buy a house in Jamaica from the Royalties.”
( Rough Guide )


1 Jamaica farewell
2 Big bamboo
3 Archie
4 Bad lucky
5 Blowing in the wind
6 Don’t go away
7 End of the world
8 Independent Jamaica
9 Sweet Jamaica
10 Island woman
11 Yellow bird
12 The queen’s canary
13 Ma and pa
14 John B.


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