Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux
Mana Mani / Primpin
Sako Production 1981

Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux, front

From Mali we have this album of Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux.
These guys are legends, Composer Guitarist Kante Manfila and
Singer Salif Keita, Le Domingo de la Chanson they called him.
Great piece of Malinese music from 1981.


1 Mana mani
2 Diata
3 Marfa
4 Primpin
5 Toubaka 81


9 thoughts on “Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux
Mana Mani / Primpin
Sako Production 1981

  1. I have dancing all day to Mana Mani and Toubaka 81. It makes work go by very quickly… Thank you for the Golden Voice and the golden guitar. These guys are hot!

  2. thank you very much – every record of Ambassadeurs is good present.
    Just three weeks ago have been at Salif Keita’s live in Germany – dream became real (by the way next year, they say, maestro will be here, in Moscow, so i wait another one meeting.)
    As i understand, only Primping from this record was produced on CD?

  3. Thank you so much for posting this, and all these other classic Malian albums. Fantastic stuff. The guitar playing on these tracks is phenomenal, as are all the horn arrangements. And of course Salif’s voice just soars. —EeeGee in NYC

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