Robson Banda and the New Black Eagles -Ngoma Ngairire, Gramma 1987

Robson Banda is a Congolese musician in Zimbabwe. He worked with
Thomas Mapfumo, Jonah Moyo and many others. Although Congolese,
Robson sings his music in Shona language and brings it close to genuine
Chimurenga. Including mbira-based guitar licks and elements of Jit.


1 Ngoma ngairire
2 Dziva renjuzu
3 Kafira mbira
4 Ndiwe wega mwanangu
5 Baba Vachipo
6 Tofara sei


5 thoughts on “Robson Banda and the New Black Eagles -Ngoma Ngairire, Gramma 1987

  1. Maybe you noticed some heavy download traffic, recently.

    That was me…

    What a great collection you have!

    I am kind of newbie to that stuff,
    now I am kneedeep into it.

    Many thanks for sharing

  2. great collection! zimbabwean music was a real ear-opener for me.

    any chance of re-upping this robson banda album? he’s the best!

    thanks for sharing,

    bennie from holland

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