Orchestre Lomeka,Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

Orchestre Lomeka, front, cd size

Today’s post concerns a rare album from Congo, or Zaïre in those days.
I didn’t find any information about these guys, the group is ungoogleable.
Just two names appear on the backsleeve, ‘Fundu’ and ‘Tounta Albert’.
I do know that I like this album very much, sweet guitarsounds and
vocal harmony. If you read the titles and see track #6, EMI, one gets the
impression this might be the first album they recorded. They must have been
grateful and so are we ! Enjoy this rare beauty by Orchestre Lomeka.


1 Kidiba 1
2 Kidiba 2
3 Godet 1
4 Godet 2
5 Nki kwe didi


14 thoughts on “Orchestre Lomeka,Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

  1. Ntouta Albert was the cheaf of CERCUL JAZZ in 1960's. This band became later CERCUL JAZZ LOMEKA after franklin Boukaka death.

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