King Onyina – Original Evergreen Tunes vol. 1,Decca , Happy Bird

Speaking about digging up old stuff, this rare piece of
Ghana highlife was brought to me by a friend. He travels
the world to find these treasures. First record I heard by
King Onyina, born Kwabena Onyina. His father used to have
a guitar and when he died and left it to Kwabena at the age of 13,
young King Onyina decided to make a living out of the instrument.
I have read somewhere on the web King Onyina passed away some 5
months ago. Let’s pay him respect in playing his music, listen.


1 Akoko aye bi agu
2 Onyame tie me su fre
3 Bebrebe ye musuo
4 Odo ye wu
5 Kate
6 Nya asem hwe
7 Me nuame mefre wo a
8 Destiny of Africa
9 Mebewu asei kwa
10 Aboa a onni dua
11 Ma ye ankonam mmobro
12 Ohia asoma wo
13 Sore befe mano
14 Dora nante yie


One thought on “King Onyina – Original Evergreen Tunes vol. 1,Decca , Happy Bird

  1. More great Highlife! Thanks again Moos.
    I was unsuccessfully searching for stuff by King Onyina just the other day, after listening to the tracks on “I’ve Found My Love” (posted at osibisaba.blogspot) so you’ve timed this one very well – Cheers!

  2. Good Lord! You’re great or as they say back in my Ashanti village, “Wo ye buei”!!!
    God bless you in all your endeavours.

  3. Please, please, please re-post this album. I&#39;ve been looking for so long and can&#39;t find it on vinyl anywhere!<br />thanks

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