Mexico, Besos de Tequila, Mastersin Mariachi – Various Artists

Mexico, besos de tequila, front

Why don’t you go out to buy a bottle of mezcal, lemon and
some seasalt. Then, invite a couple of good friends, put on this
Mexican collector and open up the booze. A lick of salt, a shot
of mezcal and a bite of lemon to maximize the thrilling effect.
Aaaaay aaaay aaaay, llego borracho el borracho..
Some of the songs used in this compilation were downloaded
from the great blogs of our collegues, Holy Warbles and
Musica Popular Mexicana, some are my own. Hope U like’m


1 Miguel Aceves Mejía – Ella
2 Trio Tariacuri – Gorrioncilo pecho amarillo
3 José Alfredo Jimenez – El rey
4 Luis Perez Meza – El barzon
5 Rosina Navarro – Que se me acabe la vida
6 Lalo Gonzalez Piporro – Agustin Jaime
7 Irma Villa – Como México no hay dos
8 Miguel Aceves Mejía – El capiro
9 José Alfredo Jimenez – Llego borracho el borracho
10 Trio Tariacuri – Pelea de gallos
11 Mariachi Jalisco – La madrugada
12 Miguel Aceves Mejía – El jinete
13 Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán – La negra
14 La Consentida – Rancho alegre
15 José Alfredo Jimenez – Besos de tequila
16 Las Texanitas – La manteca
17 Antonio Aguilar – El mosquito cariñoso
18 Miguel Aceves Mejía – Que me toquen las golondrinas
19 Los Donneños – Benjamin Argumedo
20 Trio Tariacuri – Rosita Alvirez
21 Dueto Oro y Plata – Pobre de mi corazon


One thought on “Mexico, Besos de Tequila, Mastersin Mariachi – Various Artists

  1. Absolutely wonderful stuff. The mariachi/flamenco/blues nexus is a joy to behold. Nothing like hearing unpretentious people singing their guts out for you. Thanks for gathering this together,

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