Michelino & Franco – Lisanga ya Banganga
Michita Production 1984

Michelino & Franco, front

Good evening, welcome back after a day of blogger
chaos and confusion. I woke up this morning and
found my two latest posts gone. Blogger was buisy
with maintenance and blew it somehow. I decided
not to wait and took immediate action to repost them.

What do we have for you today ? Michelino, who spent
10 years with l’Afrisa International and 4 years with
Franco’s TP OK Jazz at this point, gathered Rochereau,
Franco and some collegues to do this project on the
lesser known Michita label in 1984. Check it out.


1 Mutambula mpimpa
2 Prince d’XL
3 Point carré
4 Va et vient


11 thoughts on “Michelino & Franco – Lisanga ya Banganga
Michita Production 1984

  1. Is it me or what ?
    I find no reaction or comment concerning that blogger hiatus, didn’t anybody out there notice ?
    ..there’s still something wrong, latest two posts do not show at collegues blogs. So be it…

  2. Hi Moos,

    I’m not shure if my comment was saved. Ok, I was not able to post on thursday as I had no access to my dashboard. Blogger explained here: http://status.blogger.com/ that there was maintainance under way and yesterday they wrote that they had to restore some posts …

    I was able to post yesterday without problems with another Impala cassette.

    All the best

  3. You are not alone, the entire blogspot was inactive for the last day or so. That silent us but we continued to listen to music!

    This is an amazing album – deep pools of talent have come together to play in this masterpiece.

    Apurva from Pune, India.

  4. Hi Moos

    I check your site on a daily basis and noticed no gaps. The Star-Lite 78 and Colompilation 5 figured on both my recent visits in the last couple of days

  5. Nay Moos … the entire blogger network was totally berserk yesterday. I couldn’t comment anywhere …

    Many thanks for this post. I don’t think I’ve ever heard any of the songs before.

  6. Hi Moos,

    I noticed and was dismayed when your posts disappeared so I am very pleased to see you back and with a Franco rarity that promises to be a real treat.

    It’s hard to know how to react when posts disappear. Maybe you changed your mind about them or weren’t happy with the rip, which is your right. Or perhaps an artist or record company has been in touch and asked you to remove them. Or, as in this case, Blogger has screwed up and left you and no doubt other users in a state of chaos.

    Let’s hope they don’t doit again and you can keep posting without hassle.

  7. ..glad to see we’re back on track, my Colompilation turned up again today, I removed it cuz one seems to be enough..haha..okay, all good, thanks guys..

  8. I just came across this link and would realy appreciate if I can get to hear this master piece which I last heard in 1983 on from a new release compact tape in kenya with green label, suspect a choc Choc Choc whose name I did not remember as the whole player got stolen. I am able to recognise it from a song from ambiance congo of July 3, 2011. Almost 30 years up! Great. Do we have a MF working link? Ninja Mudosi

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