RCA 1959

Sparrow, front

It is not an easy task to find sixties Trinidad stuff let alone
even older. This Lp by Sparrow is from 1959 and before he
was called ‘Mighty Sparrow’. It has 1959 Hi-Fidelity which
didn’t have a whole lot of dynamics and that shows. Still,
eventhough it doesn’t sound fantastic, this album is a rare
piece of old calypso, in fact it is Sparrow’s first recording
for RCA. Click on the backsleeve to read it properly
and get it while you can. I am especially happy to
finally have the original ‘Benwood Dick’, been
searching for that a long time.
Have a nice sunday.

1 Lulu
2 Keep the city clean
3 Cowboy Melo
4 Maria
5 Charlie
6 Leave the dam doctor
7 Monica doo doo
8 May May
9 Benwood Dick
10 Raphaela


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RCA 1959

  1. wonderful, thank you sir! I love all his material, particularly the stuff that references politics and life in London. We salute you!

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