Music-Press présente
Les Bantous de la Capitale

Les Bantous, front

Goodmorning, I want to say thank you for the kind reactions
on yesterdays post. Great to have your support. Meanwhile
I must continue, life goes on and there’s so much to do. For
instance, I know that many of you are waiting for the re-up
of a certain lp. The amount of dead links is so enormous,
untill now I never found the energy to really start restoring.
Don’t jump yet, but in the near future I plan to take a month
or so somewhere and work on all of them. Hang in there.
For the moment being, this is another one by the Bantous.
We had some already and this one does not sound very
smooth, lots of cracks. Still, I didn’t want to keep it from
y’all. Although a bit noisy it deserves to be heard, enjoy.


1   Mwana kinkala
2   Na ndimi kuruze
3   Fifi zongela ngai
4   Wapi lokoumou ? guy


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Les Bantous de la Capitale

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