King Sunny Adé & his African Beats – Explosion
Sunny Alade Records Ltd., 1984

KSA, front

Hello groovers, finally solved my internet problems at home base,
lots of sh*t came in between but we’re there.. It’s been some
time now that people ask for this particular KSA album. Quite
recently I found it and now here it is. Always a thrill to walk into
that special one. It is SALPS 40 on his own Sunny Alade Records
Limited label. Suck on this for a while,
be back soon..


1   Kirakira
–    Oro agba
2   Iya mi ( my mother )
–   Iwa ni ka tun se
–   Maa gbure
3   Owo genge
–   Aja to nle ‘koko
–   Anjuwon o see wi
–   Nwon nbinu
–   Lara won lo wa


30 thoughts on “King Sunny Adé & his African Beats – Explosion
Sunny Alade Records Ltd., 1984

  1. ooops, I just found out I made a mistake in the second title, it should be 'olabinjo' instead of obinjo, please change it after downloading yourself…sorry…

  2. Thank you very much once again for all your work. Any chance of a comeback of the global groove samplers? I really loved those for the overview they give. That would be a treat!

  3. I stopped making them when all the hustle around webhosters began, as soon as the new page runs, things like that will certainly return, hang on a bit more, we're well on our way..

  4. Felicidades desde Barranquilla-Colombia tienes muchos seguidores pues somos multiplicadores de tu trabajo y muchos admiradores de el queremos que resuelvas tudos tus problemas y tener la dicha de disfrutar de todos tus links restablecidos .

  5. Yowsa Moos!<br />You star!<br />I got this in Sterns (I think) back in the 80s. KSA had just come over to the UK and this really blew the more commercial UK releases out of the water. Seem to remember this featured rather heavily in our turntable that summer – totally mind-blending stuff. Big heavy vinyl though, so not too many scratches in evidence!<br />Many thanks, once again, for a very fine

  6. Wasn&#39;t Bobby Benson the one who sang the mega-hit Taxi Driver? If so, superstar indeed!!<br /><br />Thank you for this one!!

  7. Thanks for all your work. Any chance some of the older Sunny Ade albums that got taken down will ever be re-upped? The Message in particular has eluded me for so long.<br /><br />Keep up the good work!

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