Orchestra Les Mangelepa – Madina ASL Records 1985

Les Mangelepa, front

From all Congolese groups operating from Kenya, Orchestre
Les Mangelepa was one of the finest. Earlier posts have found
many happy listeners and this one surely will too. For proper
info check http://www.muzikifan.com/shika.html.
In the mean time just listen..


1 Madina
2 N’kimba
3 Lolo mukena
4 Kamwala


7 thoughts on “Orchestra Les Mangelepa – Madina ASL Records 1985

  1. One of my favorite groups, Moos. I'm just surprised no one has yet gathered really good copies and attempted the kind of restoration that's been done for the Western Jazz Band, Super Wanyika, Vijana Jazz Band, or the Zanzibara series. Thanks for making this available!

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