Mas Cumbias…Mas Gaitas – Various Artists
ECO / Discos Fuentes 1976

Mas Cumbias...Mas Gaitas, front

There was a time I would never have believed an album with
such a cheap sleeve, naked girl and all, could be a good one.
Nowadays I know better. Au contraire, after collecting this
type of music some years I started loving them. The record
we have here is just what we like to find, thick carton sleeve,
heavy vinyl inside and luckily in good shape. It is from 1976
and contains a load of brilliant tracks, these cumbias are
sweet without exeption, just the way we love them, well
produced and compiled with passion. Get & Spread..


1 Julian Machado y sus Muchachos – Cumbia de los chinitos
2 Los Corraleros – Juana patiño
3 Juan Piña y sus Muchachos – Eligio arroyo
4 Andrés Landero y su Conjunto – Perdi las abarcas
5 Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros – A goza la gaita
6 Los Gavilanes de la Costa – Cumbia milagrosa
7 La Sonora Cordobesa – La rasquiñosa
8 Pedro Laza y sus pelayeros – La corcovita
9 La Sonora Cordobesa – La sobadera
10 La Sonora Cordobesa – La camisola


4 thoughts on “Mas Cumbias…Mas Gaitas – Various Artists
ECO / Discos Fuentes 1976

  1. Oh well… I should probably be posting this comment somewhere else (i.e.: one of your absolutely terrific Malian, Senegalese or Zimbabwean posts that I love so much), but, as a) I seem to recall your mentioning you don’t get a whole lot of feedback on this other stuff, b) I also like cumbia and vallenato quite a bit (truly enjoyed some pieces on this one) and c) I happen to be a Spanish-speaker, I’ll just go and leave my heartfelt thanks for your whole blog. Much, much enjoyed and appreciated.


  2. I’m old enough to tell you that, in 1976, i was 8 and my father kept putting those tunes in the car during our holidays trips. Love them…

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