Various Re-posts
Classic Reggae Albums

Hear this ! In a much earlier stage, still in the beginning of the
old page back in 2008, I was asked to remove these here albums.
Greensleeves was re-releasing some of them and didn’t like me
to give them away. Now my buddy who owns a recordstore in
my hometown told me most of them are out of print at the time
being so I thought, “Good, let’s post them all again and see what
happens.” If you have a problem with either one, the way to protest
is using this disclaimer.
So happy reggae listeners, don’t miss out on these classic lp’s.
I love them piece by piece and want to share them with you all.

Augustus Pablo, front

Barrington Levy, front

Dr. Alimantado, front

Lee Perry, front

Linval Thompson, front

Scientist rids the world, front

Scientist, Pacman, front

Sister Nancy one two

17 thoughts on “Various Re-posts
Classic Reggae Albums

  1. ha, inderdaad dingen die op een prachtige zonnige herfstdag het leven nog aangenamer maken. de laatste, sister nancy, werd niet gevonden…maar qua luisteren kom ik daar vandaag niet aan toe. heel veel dank voor deze en zovele andere muziekjes

  2. I’d just checked out these Scientist albums the other day, and found that Roots Radics and On-U Sound drummer Style Scott had been murdered a few weeks ago. Thanks for the chance to hear these obscure albums. The ones I didn’t have.

  3. The roots of “Original Rockers” – don’t mess with JA spellen 😉

    01. Rockers JA 7″ A: The Heptones – Love Won’t Come Easy / B: Paul K. & Pablo – Rockers Dub [1973]
    02. Rockers JA 7″ A: Augustus Pablo – Up Warika Hill / B: Rockers All Stars – Dub Hill [1974]
    03. Hot Stuff 7″ A: Augustus Pablo – Cassava Piece / B: Augustus Pablo – 132 Version [1974]
    04. Pablo International JA 7″ A: Augustus Pablo – Pablo’s Theme Song / B: Tubby Dub Song [1975]
    05. Rockers International JA 7″ A: Jacob Miller – Who Say Jah No Dread / B: Rockers All Stars ?– Jah Dread [1975]
    06. Rockers JA 7″ A: Dellinger And Clivey – Brace A Boy / B: Agustus Pablo – A. P. Special [1974]
    07. Pablo International JA 7″ A: Augustus Pablo – Thunder Clapp / B: Augustus Pablo: Lightening Flash [1975]
    08. Pablo International JA 7″ A: Hugh Mundell – Africa Must Be Free / B: Pablo All Stars – Park Lane Special [1978]
    09. Rockers JA 7″ A: Bongo Pat – Young Generation / Augustus Pablo – New Style [1974]
    10. Rockers JA 7″ A: Dellinger And Clivey – Brace A Boy / B: Agustus Pablo – A. P. Special [1974]

  4. Moos,

    I’ll probably never get to actually meet you, which is a shame because i imagine you are a fun person to get down to some serious action in the kitchen with. That is based on nothing except the fact that I just had a ball dancing to 3 solid hours from this post while making some killer soup and cookies. I had already heard maybe half of these, but damn sister nancy was a totally new treat, her style is so tight. Bam bam is clearly the prime cut but i have to say that i found the femenist cheerleader in me the most pumped by “only woman dj with degree”. so bad ass. never heard those lee perry or barrington levy slabs either, and my life is better for it. thank you.

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