Kumapim Royals Band – Sika ye Pena
Ambassador / Brobisco 1981

Kumapim Royals, front

Our buddy Kwabena asked me if I had any Kumapim Royals and it just
so happens I had this lp waiting for it’s turn to get posted.
So here it is, sooner then planned but why not. Akwasi Ampofo Adjei,
A.A.A. or the Shining Star or Dada Thick, call him how you like, his
music is simply wonderful. Kumapim Royals Band, ‘Band of the Year’,
the album is from 1981. I just wish I knew them in those days but
better late then never I guess. Interested ?
Download ‘Sika ye Pena’, listen and enjoy..

The record ends kind of abrubt, that’s just how it is..


1 Sika ye pena
2 Madam fo wa
– Menam okwantuni
– Katapilia kwankwan
– Monhwe nanimma
– Nkaboa
3 Oduro kwaku
4 Wada bia nyane
5 Berepa beba
6 Gyae ma onka


6 thoughts on “Kumapim Royals Band – Sika ye Pena
Ambassador / Brobisco 1981

  1. Hey Moos!

    You’ve done it again! Wonderful post! Thank you so much for this. I hope you will never ever consider stopping Highlife of any form on Global Groove. This is one of the finest treats anyone could have. Long life for the GG!

      • I appreciate it. Nobody can really pay you for all the time and effort you commit into bringing us these albums despite the setbacks and all. Many people have given up and some sites closed down but you always find another way to keep these songs alive. If we are able to pay good money for them from other places, it shouldnt be a problem donating to keep things running. You have done your part and we owe it to ourselves to support this site to keep things running for us all

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