Ali Farka Toure – Ten Songs
World Circuit 1988

Ali Farka Toure, front

Ali Farka Toure

When beginning this blog, the most important mission
was digitising lp’s to make Mp3’s of them. Using cd’s
was no option. Slowly however some cd’s are also
becoming scarse and out of print. This one by Ali
Farka Toure from 1988 is not as available as it
used to be. Being short in time today I made
this choice of post. Lp’s remain our main
source but an exception is made.
Hope you like this one, enjoy..


01 – Timbarma
02 – Singya
03 – Nawiye
04 – Bakoytereye
05 – Tchigi fo
06 – Amandrai
07 – Kadi kadi
08 – Yulli
09 – Bakoye
10 – Amandrai live


5 thoughts on “Ali Farka Toure – Ten Songs
World Circuit 1988

  1. I’d agree, it seems a reasonable decision when the quality of the performance merits. LPs remain (I think) more perishable, simply because they’re analog, and so many physical things can damage an analog recording; but when digital content vanishes, it’s as much gone as any LP, 78 shellac or metal-backed disk, or wax cylinder. And certainly material featuring Ali Farka Toure does not deserve to perish. If our culture in its wisdom can issue “gold” commemorative editions of ABBA complete with rehearsals and multiple takes, one would think somebody could find the money to preserve the likes of Franco, Bembeya Jazz, Poly-Rythmo. In lieu of that, people like you keep what you can alive, and it makes all the difference in the world.

    Please excuse the late night/very early morning musings.

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