Mahmoud Ahmed – Ere Mela Mela,
Crammed Discs 1986

Mahmoud Ahmed, front

Good afternoon, since I am unable to perform my regular
blog activities from home, I am now working from the office.
Next week everything will be normal again. For now we’ll
do some stuff from cd. Mahmoud Ahmed’s Ere Mela Mela
was released on cd in 1986 already. It is a marvelous album
one should not miss, take it and give it a spin..


01 – Sidetegnash Negn-Samiraye
02 – Indenesh Gedaow
03 – Bemin Sebeb Litlash
04 – Abay Mado-Imbwa Belew
05 – Atawurulign Lela
06 – Ohoho Gedama
07 – Ere Mela Mela-Meche Neu
08 – Fetsum Dink Lij Nesh
09 – Belomy Benna
10 – Asheweyna


5 thoughts on “Mahmoud Ahmed – Ere Mela Mela,
Crammed Discs 1986

  1. Moos, this is brilliant! The Ethiopian jazz scene was really big in the 60s, and this has strong echoes of the “cooler” side of that music. However, there’s a wonderful modern twist and it is irresistable. You have inspired me to go out and find some more.

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