Marcus mvouka – Keba Na Ye
Salsa Musique 1982

Marcos Mvouka, front

Marcus Mvouka is here and he brought Lea Lignanzi, André
Pamomiel, Pablo Lubadika, Domingo Salsero and Manga Jerry
among others. Quite entertaining slice of Congolese I guess
you’re gonna like. It’s on Salsa Musique and from 1982,
get it, spread it and give it a couple of spins..


01 – Keba na ye
02 – Testament mpo na chantal
03 – Bandjambirika
04 – Nzoto ekali mabele


5 thoughts on “Marcus mvouka – Keba Na Ye
Salsa Musique 1982

  1. Thanks Moos, another success. Great work on this LP from Pablo Lubadika Porthos, one of my favourite guitarists from this time.

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