Li Xiangting – Chine: l’Art du Qin
Ocora 1990

Tao te Ching

Li Xiangting

2016, a new year, a clean Page.
Do you know the tao te ching by Lau Tse ?
Reading it is nice when listening to classical Chinese music.
Try doing so with this beautiful work. China: the Art of the Qin
played by Li Xiangting. Also take a look at this Wiki page.


01 – Meihua san nong
02 – Youlan
03 – Ainai
04 – Qiu sai yin
05 – Liushui
06 – Yi guren
07 – Xiao xiang shui yun
08 – Changmen yan
09 – Guangling san


4 thoughts on “Li Xiangting – Chine: l’Art du Qin
Ocora 1990

  1. This is great music. By any chance, do you have scans of front- and back cover in high resolution? If so, can you please offer them as download? Thanks in advance.

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