Kyerematen Atwede & the Kyerematen Stars
Odasani, Ambassador 1983

Kyerematen Atwede, voorkant

Altijd een moment van opwinding als je tegen een lp aan loopt
van een van je favoriete bands. Dit is er zo eentje. Kyerematen
Atwede met zanger Baffour Kyei scoort hoog op mijn wenslijst.
Op deze plaat wordt hij dan ook nog eens vergezeld door mijn
favoriete Ghanese gitarist, Eric Agyemang en geässisteerd door
Atakora Manu. Uit 1983 en op Ambassador is dit weer een sterk
staaltje highlife, opgenomen in de Kumasi studios. Ik zou dit
album zeker niet links laten liggen als ik jou was..
Helaas heeft de b-kant wel wat
achtergrond gerommel.

Always a moment of exitement when walking into another
record by one of your favourite artists. This is such an album.
Kyerematen Atwede with singer Baffour Kyei is on top of my
wishlist . On this fine lp the group is accompanied by one of
my favourite Ghanaian guitarists, Eric Agyemang and assisted
by Atakora Manu. From 1983 and on Ambassador, this is
another great piece of highlife, recorded in the Kumasi
studios. If I were you, I would not ignore this one..
B-side unfortunately has a little
background noise.

titels ;

01 – Onokwa no no
02 – Odasani
03 – Yadee ye ya
04 – Asante pe nne


6 thoughts on “Kyerematen Atwede & the Kyerematen Stars
Odasani, Ambassador 1983

  1. thank you Moos… Kyei Baffour is great with his voice and Eric Agyemang is legendary on the guitar… you cant go wrong with three good artistes in a band album… I must admit the global groove has made me develop interest even in the bands that were not my priority…am sure a lot of people feel the same way too, having discovered bands from around the world …. this is certainly a good one to listen this cold morning…. the best valentine gift in a while.

  2. Thanks very much, Moos! Been looking round the clock after my wife, following some serious shoulder surgery a few days ago. This will definitely help provide a little much needed warmth.

  3. I always wonder, why do so many African bands and artists change their names? Like here “Kyerematen Atwedee” instead of “Kyeremateng Atwede”. Is this on purpose, or errors from the record companies?

  4. I suspect it’s often different ways of rendering their names in English. Especially when there are alphabet differences.

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