E.T. Mensah & the Tempos Band
Decca West Africa 1975

E.T. Mensah, voorkant

E.T. Mensah & the Tempos Band

Ja dat is wel een beetje jammer, hij kraakt van het begin tot
het eind. Toch is dit een plaatje, zo zeldzaam dat je hem niet
zult willen missen. Je komt ze niet erg vaak tegen dus twijfel
maar niet. E.T. Mensah & the Tempos Band met deze schijf
uit 1975 zal je collectie weer een beetje mooier maken..

It is a shame , yes that’s true, it’s noisy from beginning till
end. Still, this is a record you wouldn’t want to miss, so rare.
We do not find them a lot so better don’t hesitate. E.T. Men-
sah & the Tempos Band will make your collection a little
more complete with this tremendous disc from 1975..

titels ;

01 – Summo ghoo ke moo shi
02 – Sear si abotar
03 – Ao! dei! o
04 – menye wo bokor
05 – De ehuo
06 – Felicite
07 – Mikuu mise mibaa don
08 – Queen’s visit
09 – Medaho mao
10 – Agoogyi
11 – Anokwa edomi
12 – Asem ato me


8 thoughts on “E.T. Mensah & the Tempos Band
Decca West Africa 1975

  1. Moos, how do you do it? You keep topping yourself. The track 10 gives me a chuckle all the time. It was one of my late dad’s favourites. He would either hum or sodtly whistle that tune out. Well, the song declaims that he has plenty of cash but ask the old guy for money to buy a new football and he would promptly respond, “I don’t have money for any foolishness”.

    Gracias Moos!

  2. Even though the Queen’s visit is a common tune played in Ghana during Independence day, this album is quite rare and its good to hear the other tracks as well…. Good to also see a Saturday born with a similar name to mine, comment earlier… I almost thought it was me … I see we have one big family here at the global groove

  3. Now downloading this. I think there’s only one track that was included in the recent box set – WONDERFUL!

    Many thanks


  4. What a surprise record. Dude! if you ever get your hands on Kwamena Ray Ellis Keyboard Africa, will you be kind enough to share it?

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