Georges Plonquitte & Cie
Disques Debs 1978


Mijn oude vriend Rémi was van de week over uit Frankrijk en
bracht een partijtje Cadence, Biguine en Compas mee. Hier de
eerste bijdrage uit die batch. Uit Guadeloupe stamt deze schijf
met heerlijke cadence uit 1978. Lekkere dansmuziek zoals hier
te doen gebruikelijk, luister en heupwieg je huiskamer door..

My old buddy Rémi came over from France past week and
brought along some nice Cadence, Biguine and Compas. This
is the first contribution from that pile. from Guadeloupe we
have this 1978 disc with sweet cadence on the DebS label.
Very Danceable stuff like you use to find here, give it a try..

titels ;

01 – Lapin la
02 – En ka vive kan mimm’
03 – En ka travail pou moin
04 – En ke fait ou vouai ça
05 – 3 bon bitin
06 – Ou ke voyer moin voler


10 thoughts on “Georges Plonquitte & Cie
Disques Debs 1978

  1. George Plinquitte was not from Martinique but from Guadeloupe.
    Thanks for sharing this record! And thanks to your buddy Remi. I’m looking forward to listening to more records from French West Indies.

  2. Dear DJ Moos, thank you so very, very much for all the wonderful music you present. The life and work of these magnificent artists are being kept alive — for now and forever (or close to, we hope). This is the most fabulously musically magical site on the i-net, and, believe me, I’ve seen a few. In rhythm & groove we trust, long may it be global, DJ Jonathan E.

  3. Moss, with all due respect to you my brother. Do you have a Syran Mbenza Album entitled “Elisa Dangwa?” Would you please post it for us, my ears are craving for it. Thanks in advance.

  4. hola!!!…. and again i’m travelling but i finf myself in a internet cafe…getting my supply of Global Grooves….super cool site… Moos you is a super cool dude!!!

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