Seven 7″ from Congo vol. 6 – Various Artists


Maybe one of these tracks may occur on an earlier posted
album but the other single tracks haven’t appeared here
yet. Seven 7″ from Congo, volume six..

Misschien dat één track reeds op een elpee voorkomt
verder zijn deze singles hier niet eerder verschenen.
zeven 7″ uit Congo, volume zes..

tracks :

01 – Super Boboto du Congo – U.J.S.C.
02 – Super Boboto du Congo – U.R.F.C.
03 – Orchestre Bella Bella – Sortez de la
04 – Orchestre Bella Bella – Place aux vedettes
05 – Fidel Zizi – Ya caro
06 – Fidel zizi – Amour sincere
07 – Orchestre Lipua-Lipua – Tika kosaboter motema
08 – Orchestre Lipua-Lipua – Kuelo
09 – Orchestre Conga International – Limbisa ngai pt.1
10 – Orchestre Conga International – Limbisa ngai pt.2
11 – Tabu Ley – Likambo ya mokanda pt.1
12 – Tabu Ley – Likambo ya mokanda pt.2
13 – Sita Alphonse & Super Kwala-Kwa – Regine
14 – Sita Alphonse & Super Kwala-Kwa – Vutuka


6 thoughts on “Seven 7″ from Congo vol. 6 – Various Artists

  1. Thanks Moos. I didn’t see the picture of your compilation for maybe 30 years. I can’t remember where I saw it but it is a nice one.It depicts the life in Congo during the seventies very well. I am tempted to listen to it already but unfortunately I have to be patient till the weekend and stand all the crap they play on the radio at work for the rest of the week : ( .

  2. Thanks, Moos. There are a few here that I do not know. I wonder if Fidele Zizi’s Ya Caro is the same song as Kosmos Moutaouri’s Ya Care? I will have to find out! Kosmos’s song is extremely beautiful. Have you heard it?

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