Climaco Sarmiento y su Orquesta
Grandes Exitos, Discos Fuentes 1997


Absolutely Sam, Climaco Sarmiento, Michi’s father was a
great musician and wrote a bunch of hits. This is a collection
of his ‘grandes exitos’. It comes from the CD release by Discos
Fuentes in 1997, already twenty years ago. Enjoy listening..

Een goed idee Sam, ik had deze CD al jaren in de kast staan.
Helaas nooit op LP gevonden, dus dan doen we het maar zo.
Een collectie van zijn grootste hits, heerlijk luister spul. Al weer
twintig jaar oud, en de muziek nog veel ouder, geniet ervan..

tracks ;

01 – Bombo y maracas
02 – La cigarra
03 – Palenque candela
04 – Conchita
05 – Caracoleando
06 – Negro te vayas
07 – Antioqueñita
08 – Baila pacho
09 – la gaita marciana
10 – Juanchito
11 – Maquina landera
12 – La pata y el pato
13 – El zuñigazo
14 – Noche de estrellas
15 – Moliendo cafe
16 – El tirabuzon
17 – San marcos
18 – La tembladera


8 thoughts on “Climaco Sarmiento y su Orquesta
Grandes Exitos, Discos Fuentes 1997

  1. Thanks, Mees — and I am embarrassed — Climaco, not Calixto. Pero cuento siempre en los expertos para corregir mis errores.

  2. Hi Moos,
    Probably the last chance I’ll get to say thank you for all the great music for another year, before Christmas is upon us.
    In this age where Spotify & other streaming services have made some blogs irrelevant, you’ve succeeded in bringing us the rare stuff they don’t for the most part have & by hopefully blowing some dust off the grooves, as you do, will give these tunes more exposure & maybe one day Spotify will catch up with you:-)
    Have a good one.

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