Orchestre Mode Succes – Innovation vol. 3
Disques Innovation 1981


Drie albums in de Innovation serie hadden we reeds, vandaag
nummer vier. Het is volume 3 met Assaka Baba Ley en Bopol
Mansiamina. Twee van de songs zijn geschreven door Kiland L.M.
waarvan ééntje met Bopol samen. Mooi gedoseerde Congolese
rumba/soukous. Op het Innovation label uit 1981..

Three of the albums in the Innovation series were here on earlier
occasions, today we have number four. It concerns volume 3 with
Assaka Baba Ley and Bopol Mansiamina. two of the songs were
written by Kiland L.M. of which one together with Bopol. Nicely
dosed Congolese rumba/soukous. on Innovation, from 1981..

tracks ;

01 – Marie-jeanne
02 – Diffamation ya nini ?
03 – Naboyi amour ya sens unique
04 – Mystère de bopol


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Disques Innovation 1981

  1. Thanks Moos, great LP – Kiland is always a treat (also featuring in Mabatalai, Mokito and Kili Kili) – can anyone tell us more about him?

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