Les Difficiles de Pétion-Ville – Jambé Barrié
Superstar Records 1973

Het is alsof de duvel ermee speelt, telkens als er zo’n album
opduikt waar de magie vanaf komt blijkt deze uit 1973 te komen.
Het kan aan mij liggen hoor. Hoe dan ook, deze fijne elpee dook
op uit mijn platenkast en pakte me bij verrassing. Toen ik op Youtube
ook nog eens een optreden van ze vond met Robert Martino was het
verhaal rond. Bijzonder lekkere muziek uit Haïti, luister wederom
met veel plezier naar Les Difficiles de Pétion Ville ..

It must be a conspiracy I tell you, every time we find an album
magic like this it is from 1973. It can be me but this keeps happening.
One way or the other, this fine record came from the shelf and took
me by surprise. When I found a gig from the old guys with Robert
Martino the pieces of the puzzzle fel together. Wonderful music
from Haïti, listen with peasure once more. These are
les Difficiles de Pétion Ville ..


01 – Maladie boisson
02 – Yon vérité
03 – Madan’ sius
—- Enfant ne cours pas
04 – Mademoiselle voulez
—- Pas ca kimbe
05 – Moin connin
06 – Jambé barrié


10 thoughts on “Les Difficiles de Pétion-Ville – Jambé Barrié
Superstar Records 1973

  1. Haha, je volgers hebben niet allemaal jouw brede smaak 😉
    Ik ben in ieder geval superblij met elke haitiaan en les difficiles is helemaal een auditieve versnapering van het allerhoogste allooi!!


      • I thought the comment was rude, to say the least. It’s fine if some folks don’t like what you post; they always have the option to not download. However, it is not okay to come on your blog and attack your taste, generosity, and hard work.

        Now as for Les Difficiles, that band doesn’t have a bad song in its catalogue. The frustrating thing about this particular album is the fact that it was never released on compact disc. The same is true for D.P. Express’ Zafe Ou record, which is a brilliant piece of work.

        • Many Haitian CDs are difficult to find outside of NY, so it may have been reissued. Nu wave was good while it lasted, and I found it more interesting than American rock of the same period. Thanks Mood.


        • setnot is online. wow. I have to listen to Zafe Ou again… Much old stuff was uploaded on the digital platforms the last years (no costs itself, but some sellings possible).

        • good observation, the Zafe ou realease was one of the Best d.P. Express, on this album Wooley at the siolo guitar was on top and hsis touch was different of the Robert Martino’s one

  2. This is just fantastic! Despite some slight scratchiness here and there, we have some lovely, lovely acoustics, bass & stereo and the music triumphs.

  3. When it comes to Haitian Music, I just grab it without hesitation. I just know the music will satisfy me no matter if the group was known or not.

    Do you have any extra Exile One albums by any chance? I found one of their LPs that was released in 74 and it was the bomb.

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