Alhaja Adijat Kubura Alaragbo – Repercussion
Leader Records Ltd. 1985

Merry Christmas to all of you visitors.
For the occasion we’ve found you this Nigerian waka X-mas
album with Alhaja Adijat Kubura Alaragbo and her Waka Group.
Have a nice day with your families and friends, don’t overeat
and listen to some nice music. This record is for all lovers
of apala, fuji and waka, for all fellow bloggers, Henk, Gerrit,
Jillem, Matthew, John, dj Daudi, Peter, Reservatory,
Groovemonzter, Dial Africa and all others ..
to all visitors, Anon, Rik, Mouhamadou, Juanito, el Profe, Ian, Carl,
Dennis, Willy, Harris, Lawrence, Pete, Patrick, Richard, Antonio,
Ngoni, Paolo, David, Julian, Carlos, Christophe, Doreen, Philip,
Good to Go, Graziano, Maren, Lenormand, Ians, Kwabena,
Nick, Deixaeudormir, Neeko, José, Bert, Willem, Frits, DiJit,
Steven, Rob, Prince Arjen, Allen, Hans, Patraoo, Adebayo,
Gill, Veteau, Jahson, C-record, jean-Luc, Tim, Stephane,
Zesty, Anthony, Fanta, Ron, Kwame, Peacenik, Max,
Paulo, Kwesik, Barron, Beeden, etc. etc. etc..
Listen with pleasure.

Self Titled

01 – Ori ota kore
—- Okiki ki posu
—- Oje je iyawo
—- Aiye e pon wa le
02 – Emi ase waka yi lowo
—- Egbe amuludun (omi adio)
—- Alhaji m.k.o. abiola
—- Talabi dara ile


12 thoughts on “Alhaja Adijat Kubura Alaragbo – Repercussion
Leader Records Ltd. 1985

  1. Thanks for this album. Have a blessed Christmas, may you find another thousand new (old) African records underneath your Xmas tree. Be blessed.

  2. Thanks a lot Moose and long life to you & Global Groovers. For sure, I discovered here African and Colombian musics : great thanks for that.

    • Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel and danke well. Many blessings to you and may your generous offerings return to you tenfold.

  3. Bedankt Moos. Old School Nigeria heeft nog nooit een slechte plaat gemaakt. Ik wens je heel veel gezondheid. GG blijft een bron van inspiratie en motivatie!

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