U-Roy – Version of Wisdom
Virgin Records 1990

Last week, february 17, the world has lost another great artist.
Various blogs have posted his records, check Holland Tunnel Dive
for instance. I choose for this 1990 compilation on Virgin Records.
It contains some of the most delightful of his songs. Many of these
were written by U-Roy and Duke Reid. Songs #’s 1,4,6,7,14,15 and 16
by John Holt. Let’s honour Ewart Beckford alias U-Roy forever ..
(thank you Sylvester)

De afgelopen week, op 17 februari, verloor de wereld een van zijn
meest geweldige reggae artiesten. Diverse blogs postten zijn platen.
Ga bijvoorbeeld eens naar Holland Tunnel Dive om er enkele te vinden.
Ik koos voor deze compilatie op cd, uit 1990, van Virgin Records. Hij bevat
een zwik van zijn heerlijkste songs. Veel werden geschreven door U-Roy
en Duke Reid. De #’s 1,4,6,7,14,15 en 16 door John Holt. Laten we Ewart
Beckford alias U-Roy voor altijd eren door zijn muziek te draaien ..

Attack 1974
natty Rebel 1976
Dread in a Babylon 1981
Sufferer’s Choice 1988

01 – Your ace from outer space
02 – Rule the nation
03 – Honey come forward
04 – Version galore
05 – Things you love
06 – Wear you to the ball
07 – On the beach
08 – Rock away
09 – True confession
10 – Everybody bawling
11 – Wake the town
12 – Words of wisdom
13 – Treasure isle skank
14 – The same song
15 – Tide is high
16 – Hot pop
17 – Tom drunk
18 – Drive her home
19 – Merry go round
20 – What is catty ?


5 thoughts on “U-Roy – Version of Wisdom
Virgin Records 1990

  1. ..and today

    Neville O’Riley Livingston

    10 April 1947 – 2 March 2021

    aka Bunny Wailer

    • Thank you so much Sylvester for pointing me to this news.
      I appreciate it very much ..

      P.S. You have the same name as my second son,
      Also striking is that Bunny Wailer was born on the 10th of april, like myself..
      just funny to know,
      Thanks again ..

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