Bunny Wailer – Rock ‘n’ Groove
Solomonic Productions 1981

I think this must be my favourite Bunny Wailer album.
With the Roots Radics, Errol Flabba Holt, Style Scott,
Bingi Bunny and Steely but also guest starring Sly and
Robbie, K.Sterling, Dwight Pinckney and the horns by
Headly Bennett, Dean Fraser and R.Robinson. Six
very strong songs by master Bunny Wailer and
one written by Curtis Mayfield, ‘Another Dance’.
Recorded at Harry J. and Channel One studio’s.

01 – Rock and groove
02 – Another dance
03 – Dance rock
04 – Cool runnings
05- Roots man skanking
06 – Jammins
07 – Ballroom floor


5 thoughts on “Bunny Wailer – Rock ‘n’ Groove
Solomonic Productions 1981

  1. I give thanks for witnessing live the first ever Bunny show on italian soil, at Rototom 2009, historic event.

  2. Thanks for this download. I was looking to buy this album on CD but it looks like it was never released as a CD. I have the Shanachie CD Rootsman Skanking which contains all these songs, but not in their extended versions like this one.

    To me its one of the greatest reggae albums of all time, purists tend to dismiss it because of the light subject matter, but when it came out, it rocked everywhere, even in early 80s Zimbabwe where its mood matched that of the recently independent country.

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