Alhaji Ayinla Omowura & his Apala Group
Eyin Ose’ Lu Wa
EMI NEMI (LP) 0422

This is Waida Ayinla Yusuf Gbogbolowo, better known as
Ayinla Omowura. Ayinla’s apala is hot here at the GG. His
album ‘Ire Wole De’ from 1974 is the download champion
with 3138 times. Over a thousand more than the number
two which is Arsenio Rodriguez’ album ‘Primitivo’. Ayinla
Omowura has five records here, no idea why ‘Ire Wole De’
has so much more downloads than his other records. The
second one is ‘Omi Tuntun Tiru with 1499 downloads.
One way or the other, this is great apala, deep talking
drum sound, don’t miss it ..

Dit is Waida Ayinla Yusuf Gbogbolowo, beter bekend als
Ayinla Omowura. Ayinla’s apala is populair hier bij de GG.
Zijn album ‘Ire Wole De’ uit 1974 is de meest gedownloade
plaat hier met 3138 keer. Meer dan duizend maal vaker dan
de nummer twee, Arsenio Rodriguez’ ‘Primitivo’. Ayinla
Omowura heeft hier vijf, nu zes albums, geen idee waarom
‘Ire Wole De’ zo veel meer is gedownload dan de anderen.
De tweede is ‘Omi Tuntun Tiru’ met 1499 downloads. Hoe
dan ook, dit is heerlijke apala, diep zoemende
talking drum sound, niet te missen ..


Memorial Band led by Dauda Omowura, Nigeria Koni Baje
Ati d’Ariyo 1979
Omi Tuntun Tiru 1979
Volume 2 1971
Ire Wole De 1974
I.K. Dairo, Ayinla Omowura Remembered 1980
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01 – Eyin ose’lu wa
—- Egbe omo bori-owo itoko
—- Oni songo lomo wo oseun
—- Alhaji ayinla ko’mo lade
02 – Obirin koyi kuro nie oko
—- Egbe ifelodun inisha
—- Orin nyi bi owo ago
—- Nwon se orisa kara o rowon
—- Ko si alaru ti o ru olumo


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Eyin Ose’ Lu Wa
EMI NEMI (LP) 0422

  1. You know music very well Globalgroovers i have listen to that track of Charly Bazeby but i want the full Album. I know you are trying ur best for me Moos. If there is any way you can get that Album for me.

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