Oko’s No.2 Guitar Band – Self Titled
Ambassador AML 001

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For the lovers of Ghanaian highlife we have this album
with Charles Oko-Agyeman. It is on Ambassador, no year
of release is noted. This is the first time we see Charles
Oko-Agyeman. If you want to know more, just click on
the history picture. Enjoy listening ..
btw, track #2 is a version of ‘the Peanut Vendor’.


01 – Ebeye yie
02 – Owuo aye me bi
03 – Mete ho yi
04 – Mfomso mpa
05 – Kae dabi
06 – Afriyie siaw
07 – Daben na onipa benya ahoto
08 – Owuo gegya hwan
09 – Pa bone kye
10 – Obi nkyen ye tena na
11 – Akoko asense
12 – Aboa atetea


10 thoughts on “Oko’s No.2 Guitar Band – Self Titled
Ambassador AML 001

  1. Thanks for this one. I had “owuo aye me bi” and I love it so its good to hear the rest of the music. Interesting biography at the back sleeve too.

  2. Next time please encode your music in TRUE 320. Your songs are all actually encoded in LAME VBR 2. Adding a max bitrate of 320 to VBR 2 ≠ CBR 320. It just creates unnecessary space. Which is why your music files when zipped is much smaller. If you don’t believe me, download WinMP3Packer and compress your songs, you will see what I mean.

    • I really don’t understand what you’re talking about
      and to be honest I don’t care. I only get compliments
      for the soundquality of my files. No reason to
      change anything .. if you start you’re own
      blog you can do it your way .. 😉

      • Very nice Ghanaian music Moos I heard of this artist before. Beautiful old school 60s or early 70s Ghanainan Highlife music. Please continue more with good Ghana Highlife music classics for us.

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