The Rasses – Experience
Ballistic Records 1979

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Meet Lincoln Thompson.
“He began his recording career as a harmony singer along with
Cedric Myton of The Congos in 1967, in a band called The Tartans,
who then split up in 1969. In 1971 he was taken on by Coxsone Dodd
and recorded three songs with him at Studio One called “Daughters of
Zion”, “True Experience” and “Live Up to Your..” (read more ..) This is their
second album from 1979, very friendly reggae with this feel
good band. On Ballistic Records ..


01 – Nobody her but me
02 – Blessed are the meek
03 – Slave driver
—- You gotta have love (Jah love)
04 – Babylon is falling
05 – True experience
06 – For once in my life
07 – Walk in jah light
08 – Jungle fever
09 – Thanksgiving


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Ballistic Records 1979

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