Freddy McGregor – I am Ready
Studio One 1982

Freddy mcGregor’s ‘Big Ship’ is currently No. 10 in our list
of most downloaded albums. It is a huge hit and always was.
Today one of his records from the same year, 1982. Listen ..


Big Ship 1982

01 – I am ready
02 – I won’t cry
03 – Africa here I come
04 – Too late
05 – Sweet child
06 – Stop the world
07 – Ghetto child
08 – You’ve turned away
09 – Bredda labba labba
10 – My guiding star


2 thoughts on “Freddy McGregor – I am Ready
Studio One 1982

  1. Thanks for this, Moos! I recall walking into a noisy (i.e. bass-heavy) record store in the late 70s and picking up a copy of “Mr. McGregor” (which i do prefer to “Big Ship”, although it’s close). Looking forward to listening to this!

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