Monguito ‘El Unico’
Punteame Bien el Tres
Teca Records 1979

One of my favourite Cuban singers is Monguito ‘El Unico’.
The first time I heard him must have been through ‘Sabrosura’
with Johnny Pacheco from 1980 on Fania. From that moment
on I bought every album I found. A great discovery also was
when I heard him on Arsenio Rodriguez’ album ‘Primitivo’.
Monguito’s nasal voice is indeed unique .. listen ..

Eén van m’n favoriete Cubaanse zangers is Monguito ‘El Unico’.
Ik moet hem voor het eerst gehoord hebben op ‘Sabrosura’,
met Johhny Pacheco op Fania uit 1980. Vanaf dat moment ben
ik alles gaan kopen wat ik maar van hem tegenkwam. Een ont-
dekking was ook toen hem hoorde op Arsenio Rodriguez’ album
‘Primitivo’. Monguito’s nasale stemgeluid is met recht uniek ..


Yo No Soy Mentiroso 1979
Miren Que Suerte 1982
… and his All Star Band
Monguito presents Laba Sosseh 1980
… in Curaçao 1980
Lassissi presents Monguito el Unico, Algo Diferente 1980
Sacudelo 1980
From Cuba to Africa 1980
with Laba Sosseh in USA, Salsa Africana vol. 2 1980
Monguito, El Unico 1984
Monguito el Unico y su Conjunto 1975
Pacheco y Monguito, Sabrosura 1980
Arsenio Rodriguez, Primitivo 1965

01 – Adversidad
02 – Gocen el cha-cha-cha
03 – Cardenas
04 – La maruga
05 – Punteame bien el tres
06 – Alto songo
07 – Tuya es mi alma
08 – Yo si como candela
09 – Edilia
10 – Le traigo mi son


2 thoughts on “Monguito ‘El Unico’
Punteame Bien el Tres
Teca Records 1979

  1. All the previous posts were very enjoyable. El Unico has an agreeable timbre to his voice, his band muy caliente and always lays down some spicy arrangements. Muchisimo gracias por todos.

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