Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná
Mi Buenaventura, Discos Fuentes

Peregoyo, front

Peregoyo, back

Fuentes label

afrosound of colombia vol. 2

One of my friends gave me a present that made me very
happy. It is volume 2 of “The Afrosound of Colombia” which
appeared on Vampi Soul recently ( small pic ). It contains
songs by various artists of Colombian origin, all great stuff.
Track #4 of the compi is a song that comes from this here
album by Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná. It’s called ‘Sabor
de Vacaná’. I was quite sure I posted it already quite some
time ago but just maybe I’m mistaking. One way or the
other, it is about time I bring you this absolute treasure
you would not want to miss. Peregoyo’s music is
something different, styles like currulao, abozao
chocoano, aguabajo I never heard anybody else
play. Bomba, porro cumbia, porro, descarga,
guaracha and son montuno are more
familiar to us. Get it, spread it,
listen and enjoy !


1 Rio de juaji ( caldo de piangua )
2 La palma de chontaduro
3 Asi es mi tierra
4 Mi buenaventura
5 Descarga vacaná
6 La pluma
7 Ola de agua
8 Chechudino
9 Martha cecilia
10 El canalete
11 Sabor de vacaná


Los Millonarios – 19 Exitos Bailables ! ,vol. 4, Discos Fuentes

Los Millonarios, front, cd size

Here’s a post, especially interesting for it’s collector’s value, more then
for it’s musical value. ‘Los Millonarios’ played instrumental versions of
well known songs. For instance, ‘No me busques’ of ‘Los Corraleros
de Majagual’, or ‘El carretera’ of ‘Guillermo Portabales’. It gives an
impression of all the styles played in Colombian music. And as always,
‘Discos Fuentes’ brings a cover with a pretty girl. Check back cover
for style info. Attention : Track no. 1 jumps one time !


1 El burrito
2 Dios como te amo / Espumita del rio
3 No me busques / Pedazo de acordeon
4 La Bogotana
5 El besito
6 El carretero / Cartagena de Indias
7 El palo
8 En mi viejo San Juan / La tos
9 El tren de las once / Cumbion del cangrejo
10 Feria de manizales / La palma de chontaduro
11 Yo rengo penas / Seis choreao
12 La manzana