Various Artists – Tiger goes Calypso, West Indies Telco Record Division, late 60’s

Somewhere probably late 60’s, Esso made theirselves this
funny collector. They found Young Killer to make ‘Tiger in
your tank’ and collected a few big names to complete the set.
Mighty Sparrow and the Merrymen could also use a buck or two,
so they joined in. On track 4 we hear a steelband play ska,
that was the first time for me. The Don Drummond tribute
scores too, I am a big Don Drummond fan, legendary trombone.
All together we’ve got us a funny gem with a nice cover and
a few great tracks.


1 Young Killer – Tiger in your tank
2 Carlos Malcolm Orchestra – Tribute to Don Drummond
3 The Merrymen – Never on a sunday
4 Westside Symphony Orchestra – Jamaica ska
5 Clarence Curvan Orchestra – Mama dis is mas
6 The Mighty Sparrow – She’s been gone too long
7 André Tanker Flamingoes – Linstead market
8 The Mighty Dougla – Leave me