Four Brothers – Rugare,WEA Records 1986

Dance rhythms hot like fire, strong and sharp guitar-riffs and
four voices that round up the sound to make you go mad on
the dancefloor. The Four Brothers were Zimbabwe’s No 1 band
in this genre for decades. The band’s leader, Marshall Munhumumwe
is Thomas Mapfumo’s uncle, he suffered from a stroke in 1997 and
can unfortunately perform no longer. ‘The Four Brothers’ took this
name to remain equal, so no brother would become ‘big’. Many
Zimbabwean groups broke up because of that before them.
Shona music or Chimurenga, either way seductive stuff.
Go dance like crazy with the Four Brothers.


1 Rugare
2 Pahukama
3 Uchandifunga
4 Wakasarudza akanaka
5 unondichimera unondipei
6 Usagare ne chigumbu
7 Ndakatadzeiko
8 Swere ngoma