Monguito el Unico – Miren Que Suerte
Toboga 1982

Monguito, front

We had about ten of his records untill now but Monguito we
can’t have too much. With his unique voice one can always
recognize him instantly. He is one of the main interpretors
of son montuno and this 1982 slice of hot vinyl contains six
of those. With another great sleeve by José Expósito.
Sweet tunes you don’t want to miss..


01 – Miren que suerte
02 – Perla fina
03 – Mexico lindo
04 – Los secretos del amor
05 – Rumberos de ayer
06 – No le llamen salsa a mi son


Sierra Maestra – Dundunbanza
World Circuit 1994

Sierra Maestra, front

To make up for the failing post of this morning, some
son montuno to cheer you up. I saw them around the
time they made this cd. It was in Utrecht and I remember
how Marcos González made a big impression, great band.
Get this Cuban sweetness now..


01 – Juana peña
02 – Dundunbanza
03 – No me llores mas
04 – Bururú barara05
05 – Chango ta’ veni
06 – Mi guajira son
07 – Cangrejo fue a estudiar
08 – Kila kike y chocolate
09 – El gago
10 – El reloj de pastora


Papaíto – De Buenavista el Otro Sonero
Cobo Music

Papaito, front

Good morning groovers, this is the first rip I made with
my new coputer. The old one was getting tired of all the
hard work. Still getting used to some new features.
What do we have today ?

Let’s see, this is Papaíto, one of the finest voices in
our beloved son montuno. Enjoy listening..


01 – Oigame mi amigo
02 – Señor por que
03 – Maria luisa
04 – Borombon
05 – Soy del campo
06 – Enamorado
07 – El pobre y el dinero
08 – Donde va chi-chi
09 – Mujer de cabaret
10 – Sebastian


el Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piñeiro
Glorias de Cuba, WS Latino 1976

Septeto Nacional, front

Not long ago we had the first Ignacio Piñeiro at the GG,
today it’s turn for another. I must thank our buddy Sanjay
for finding this one. It was recorded in 1958 and a true beauty.
This is a re-issue from I don’t know what year.
Son montuno of old fashioned quality.


01 – Buey viejo
02 – Echale salsita
03 – Don lengua
04 – Alma guajira
05 – Lejana campiña
06 – La batidora
07 – Se fue la montuna
08 – Eterna primavera
09 – Llego la tora
10 – Vueltabajera


Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná
Mi Buenaventura, Discos Fuentes

Peregoyo, front

Peregoyo, back

Fuentes label

afrosound of colombia vol. 2

One of my friends gave me a present that made me very
happy. It is volume 2 of “The Afrosound of Colombia” which
appeared on Vampi Soul recently ( small pic ). It contains
songs by various artists of Colombian origin, all great stuff.
Track #4 of the compi is a song that comes from this here
album by Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná. It’s called ‘Sabor
de Vacaná’. I was quite sure I posted it already quite some
time ago but just maybe I’m mistaking. One way or the
other, it is about time I bring you this absolute treasure
you would not want to miss. Peregoyo’s music is
something different, styles like currulao, abozao
chocoano, aguabajo I never heard anybody else
play. Bomba, porro cumbia, porro, descarga,
guaracha and son montuno are more
familiar to us. Get it, spread it,
listen and enjoy !


1 Rio de juaji ( caldo de piangua )
2 La palma de chontaduro
3 Asi es mi tierra
4 Mi buenaventura
5 Descarga vacaná
6 La pluma
7 Ola de agua
8 Chechudino
9 Martha cecilia
10 El canalete
11 Sabor de vacaná


Exitos de Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto
Tropical / Seeco

Arsenio, front

Arsenio Rodriguez

Groovers, I must compliment you with your good taste. Arsenio
Rodriguez’ lp, ‘Primitivo’ which I posted in august, is on number
three of our downloads. Much earlier we already had this one,
this one, this one and this one.Today we have another album on
Tropical, powered by Seeco, it contains some son, bolero and
son montuno, hope you like it.


1 Si me voy
2 No quiero
3 Besarte quisiera
4 Se formo el bochinche
5 Solo fue un sueño
6 El dolorsita de mi china
7 Hipocresia
8 Cambia el paso
9 Vive en el recuerdo
10 Juegame limpio


Los Corraleros – Ritmo de Colombia
Discos Fuentes 1968

Los Corraleros, front

Los Corraleros, label

What can I say ? You know I’m a lover of this type of
music. I could keep annoying you with superlatives
concerning this album but I really think it’s best if you
listen first and make up your own mind about it. Can
you tell us who you see on the frontsleeve ? I am sure
about two or three myself, how many do you know ?
By the way, this is an original old yellow Fuentes
label on a very thick and heavy slice of vinyl, wow..


1 Casi nada, Eliseo Herrera
2 Busca tu hueco, Tony Zúñiga
3 Charanga costeña, Calixto Ochoa
4 Baila mi boogaloo, Lisandro Meza
5 La que a ti te gusta, Julio Erazo
6 Compae tomas, instrumental
7 Ritmo de colombia, Manuel Cervantes
8 Pompo manteca, Tony Zúñiga
9 La pintosa, Lisandro Meza
10 Duermete niño, Chico Cervantes
11 Gorrero pechugon, Julio Erazo
12 El espejo del chinito, Calixto Ochoa


Alfredo Gutierrez y sus Estrellas –
Alegre Festival, Sonolux

Alfredo Gutierrez, front

Today’s contribution is a real rarity, Alfredo Gutierrez’ Estrellas
appear among others with Lucho Perez on this slice of vinyl.
Lucho Perez, sometimes also ‘Lucho Argain’, is famous for his
work with la Sonora Dinamita, Los Corraleros de Majagual,
la Sonora Barulera and others. His voice is one every Colombian
recognizes and belongs to the most adored. I have added a few
bonustracks with Lucho for you to remember his great work.
He is to be heard on tracks; 1,4,5,7 and 11 of the album and
bonus, 13, 14, 15 and 16.
Other guest singers here are Edilberto Benitez, Carmelo Barraza
and Danuil y Carmelo. Alfredo himself is not to be forgotten as
well of course, we had a bunch of his records, best use
our search-bar to find them, enjoy..


1 Raca mandaca
2 La tataravita
3 Rosa temprana
4 Mosaico 999
5 A gustar la cumbia
6 El sabanero
7 El tao tao
8 El boca pinta
9 El cucarron
10 Muele la caña
11 Ven
12 Vengan mujeres

Bonustracks with Lucho Pérez;

13 La Sonora Dinamita – Cumbia soleada
14 La Sonora Dinamita – La morena encarnación
15 La Sonora Barulera – Cumbia barulera
16 Orquesta Ritmo de Sabanas – Ramita de matimba


Arsenio Rodríguez – Primitivo
Mas Records 1965

Arsenio Rodríguez, front

One of the key figures in latin music was this great man.
Arsenio Rodríguez is considered father of the modern afro-cuban
sound. His musical roots lay in the Congolese rituals of his
family, instilled in him by his grandfather who was a slave,
and it is said that he brought many of the toques used to
adress deities into son. He was a predigious composer –
his sones remain dominant in the repertoire – and his group,
which he expanded with first congas and later an extra trumpet,
more percussion and piano, became the most influential of the
1940’s. Rodríguez also changed the structure of son, expanding
the montuno with a descarga section of improvised solos.
Arsenio Rodríguez ( 1911 – 1970 ) was blind from age eight,
he was kicked by a horse. He was a superb tres player and one
of Cuba’s all time great bandleaders and son composers. Arsenio
grew up in a ‘solar’, a small neighbourhood community. It was his
custom to play the guitar, his neighbours would join in both
vocally and instrumentally, using sticks, pieces of chairs, boxes
or anything they could find to create a musical sound. On such
a night, someone used a cowbell as their contribution to this
primitive music and it was from this that the cowbell evolved as
part of the instrumentation of today’s Latin-American rhythm
sections. ( Rough Guide and backsleeve )
Congolese composer Grand Kalle was called the father of rumba,
he became inspired by Cuban artists like Arsenio Rodríguez, so now
we can see the circle close, afro-cuban getting round and round.
tracks like Independence cha cha and Africa Boogaloo are typical
examples, from Congo to Cuba and back,
music works miracles don’t you think..
listen to Arsenio Rodríguez,
( do we hear Monguito
there ? )


1 La pasion
2 Me engañastes juana
3 Lo que dice justi
4 Rumba guajira
5 Coplas de españa
6 Que mala suerte
7 Fiesta en el solar
8 Me equivoque contigo
9 A gozar mujeres
10 No lo niegues
11 El lema del guaguancó
12 Guaguancó de puerta tierra


lo Primero Conjunto Miramar – Carruseles, Grabaciones Originales Ondina Dia Disquera Antioqueña

Conjunto Miramar, front

Okay fellow groovers, back to reality. When I first saw
this lp, I was naive and thought it had something to do
with Colombian salsa band ‘Sonora Carruseles’. And
when listening to the first track one continues to feel
a certain link with the group. However after searching
the web for it, I didn’t find anything. Listening to the lp
I got captured by surprise, as pleased as punch, “lo
Primero Conjunto Miramar” found it’s self another fan.
Original songs, no salsa but cumbias, porros, pregon,
Guaracha, son and guajira, pure sweetness to the ear.
Now I have tried to convince you before, so no more
superlatives, just get it and give it a spin..azúcar !..


1 Carruseles
2 Reina de cumbias
3 Sufre negra
4 Picale
5 La silenciosa
6 Pregonando
7 Chela
8 Salpicon
9 La pestañita
10 Mar adentro


Eddie Palmieri y su Conjunto ‘la Perfecta’ El Molestoso
Alegre Records 1963

Eddie Palmieri, front

This is the second lp by latin pianist Eddie Palmieri and his group
‘La Perfecta’. They were the originators of a sound called ‘trombanga’,
introducing two trombones and a flute instead of trumpets. This contributed
a lot to their early sixties succes in the New York latin scene. Later it was
also used by artists such as Willie Colon and Manny Oquendo among others.
The vocals on this 1963 album are taken care of by Ismael Quintana. Enjoy..


1   El molestoso
2   Asi es la humanidad
3   Lazaro y su microfono
4   Contento estoy
5   Sabroso guaguanco
6   Yo sin ti
7   Co un amor se borra otro amor
8   En cadenas
9   La gioconda
10  No critiques


Los Ahijados – de Nuevo
Discolor Records 4372, 1976

Los Ahijados, front

Here’s another lp by the brothers Martin and Cuco Valoy,
better known as Duo Los Ahijados. Being from the Dominican
Rep. theirselves, they were famous for their voicing of Cuban music.
Very relaxed sound, perfect for your summer pick-nick & such..


1   Timoteo
2   Bembeteo
3   Dime como estas
4   Llevame contigo
5   Doña vereda
6   Caminito
7   La tia quedada
8   No pienses en mi
9   La receta del curandero
10  El reclamo de un obrero


Conjunto Chappotín – Perlas del Son,Areito

Conjunto Chappotín, front

Conjunto Chappottín and his Stars was founded in 1950: African
Cuban tres-guitarist, composer and bandleader, Arsenio Rodriguez,
known as el Ciego Maravilloso, or the Marvelous Blind One, had settled
in New York to recover his vision. He decided from there that his All Stars
band, which he left in Cuba during his 1948 move to New York, should be
transferred into the professional care of his first trumpetist, Felix Chappottín.
From that moment, the original Arsenio Rodriguez All Stars band was
transformed into Conjunto Chappottín y sus Estrellas. The group was Led by
Felix Chappottín with Luis (Lili) Martinez Grinan as the arranger and Miguelito
Cuni the lead singer. Under the leadership of Felix Chappottín, only to be
compared with Louis Satchmo Armstrong, the band rose to international
fame, moving and amusing dancers in different parts of the world.
( info from AfroCubaWeb )

I bought this lp from a friend who used to collect Cuban music with passion.
One day when he was in need of money, he sold me his entire collection
with the idea to buy it back some other time. Unfortunately Dirk has left
this world a couple of years ago. I am taking care of the music, keeping it
together and sharing some of it with you, like today. Hope U like.

I found that the same lp was also released with
a different cover, as shown in small picture,
don’t know which one was the original.


1   Romance fatal
2   Que se fuñan
3   Cienfuegos tiene mi guaguanco
4   Canto al monte
5   Yo si como candela
6   Nosotros los amalianos
7   Jala la pata
8   Pa bachatear
9   Y del vedado que
10  Yo soy tiburon
11  Los jovenes de la defensa
12  A bailar con la guajira


Monguito el Unico presents Laba ‘Sosseh’ in USA
Salsa Africana vol.1
Sacodis 1980

Salsa Africana vol.1, front

We had volume 2 in september 2009, use our search-bar
for a quick find. I was very honoured to receive a comment
by Mr. Sosseh’s nephew. Today’s turn goes to volume 1. Son
montuno and guaguanco Laba Sosseh’s way, a blend of latin
with African sauce and spices. Presented and accompanied
by the great Monguito, ‘el Unico’, enjoy..


1 Micorason
2 Ade-ade
3 Boniboni
4 Yatinama
5 Sitierra