Various Artists – Sound d’Afrique
Island 1981

Sound d'Afrique, front

It was such a day today, I blew two rippings in a row and thought;
‘Okay, let’s wait a couple of hours and start all over’.

Just one post today so I made it with a special album.
This is one of the LP’s that made me fall in love with
African music. It was 1981 when Island Records threw it
in the middle of us. We danced around it like crazy, and
I still do. It is in one word ‘Superb’.
Put it on, volume up, stand in the middle of your room,
now let go…
Sound d’Afrique 2 will follow.


1 Mekongo – Me bowa ya ( Cameroun )
2 Eba Aka Jerome – Massoua mo ( Ivory Coast )
3 Kambou Clement – Dounougnan ( Upper Volta )
4 Pablo – Bo mbanda ( Zaire )
5 Etoile de Dakar – Jalo ( Senegal )
6 Menga Mokombi – Moboma ( Congo )