Johnny Pacheco – 10 Great Years
Fania 1973

Another great Johnny Pacheco LP, from 1973 on Fania.
This copy has been played almost too often, unfortunately it has
a little hiss and track # 7 starts with a crack and a jump, but still
I didn’t want to withhold this beautiful album from you. ’10 Great
Years’, from ’63 to ’73, Johnny Pacheco comes in with a nice
selection of hits from between those years. Singers are, like on
many of Pacheco’s albums, ‘Pete ‘El Conde’ Rodriguez’, and
Chivirico Davila. I quote the backcover;
” For the past 10 years, Johnny Pacheco has been one of the biggest
influences in Latin Music.
A favorite with both the Latino and the
American dancing public since his rise to national fame with the
Pachanga, Johnny keeps you moving and swinging with his
‘tipico’ rhythms. In this collectors album, you will be able
to sample some of the hit tunes which have delighted
people over the past 10 years.”


1 La esencia del Guaguanco
2 Pinareño
3 Dulce con dulce
4 Convergencia
5 Soy hijo del Siboney
6 Azucar mami
7 Sonero
8 Sarandonga
9 El pescador
10 Guararey na’ma
11 El champolon ( bacalao )
12 Alto songo


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Fania 1973

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