Partido Alto Nota 10 – Genaro & Bezerra da Silva, CID 1977


Bezerra da Silva always guarantees a solid piece of samba.
Samba as sweet as Guarana and pancakes,
according to this nice cover.


1 A necessidade
2 Malandro demais vira bicho
3 Coisa da antiga
4 Cobra criada
5 Gato com bronca
6 Chico chora
7 O Ricardao
8 Dona Maria Baiana
9 Dedo duro
10 Cara de boi / O trambiqueiro}
11 O pinel
12 Ja falei com voce


6 thoughts on “Partido Alto Nota 10 – Genaro & Bezerra da Silva, CID 1977

  1. Hola!!!
    Moos, the music on your blog is just incredible. Really, thanks a lot for letting people discover this incredible music that otherwise would be impossible to get.
    This album of Genaro e Bezerra da Silva is making me feel in my continent (although I’m Mexican, you wouldn’t believe the similarities between our music), while I freeze in an Australian winter.
    THanks a lot, really.

  2. hi there
    thanks for the load of bezerra da silva.
    there seems to be a problem with this file.
    and other bezerra’s albums too.
    thanks for the great job though.
    an unrelated question: you got anything from Bana?
    have a nice sunday

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