Reggae Monster Originals, Part 4
Various Artists

This is part 4. I want to dedicate this one to my friend Poca,
she runs a little internet/TV station. ( not anymore)
a lot of Jamaican stuff there, thanks Poca for your support.


1 Eek-a-Mouse – Neutron bomb
2 Barrington Levy – Robberman
3 Mutabaruka – Evey time I ear the soun
4 Trevor Scorcher – Chemist in a dis
5 Horace Andy – Stop the fuss
6 Maxi Priest – Sensi
7 Philip Levy – In a me yard
8 Yellowman – Sensemilla ( fade start )
9 Sugar Minott – Devil’s pickney
10 The Viceroys – Girl it’s over
11 Ini Kamoze – Mer-tel-ler
12 Peter Tosh – Legalize it
13 Little John – Nothing is impossible
14 The Techniques – I’ll never fall in love
15 Michael Rose – Archie Bella
16 Don Evans – Telling me
17 Luie Lepke – Willie Red
18 Lee van Cliff – Different fashion
19 The Rolands – Black race
20 Michael Prophet – Fight to the top
21 Jackie Opel – Push wood


6 thoughts on “Reggae Monster Originals, Part 4
Various Artists

  1. please, I would appreciate if you could raise the Prince Nico Mbarga single album called Chameleon or the album Only One God. Thank You

  2. Hi! <br />Thanks for your great blog! <br />There are a lot of music that hard to find and worth to listen. <br />Do you mind to make re-upload &quot;reggae monster originals&quot; comps 1-4? You&#39;ve been upload it at later post, but links at December 23 2013 are dead now too.

  3. Great, great selection! I&#39;m talking &#39;bout the Vol. 5. Unfortunately the other links ain&#39;t available. WOuld you mind in uploading them again?<br />Cheers!<br />LM

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