Various Artists – Cumbia Sabrosa

I made this compilation some years ago for a friend’s birthday,
let’s say that it’s all you Groovers around the Globe’s birthday today,
This gift’s for you, hope you enjoy it. ‘Baila la Cumbia Sabrosa’!


1 Alfredo Gutierrez – La CaƱaguatera
2 Orchestra Edmundo Arias – El Mecanico
3 Corraleros de Majagual – Caballo viejo
4 Armando Hernandez – La Zenaida
5 Alfredo Gutierrez – Aguardiente con leche
6 Jimmy Pedrozo – Sirvientes modernas
7 Orchestra Edmundo Arias – Atlantico
8 Chico Cervantes – La Fiesta in Corraleja
9 Lisandro Meza – Cumbia p’a oriente
10 La Sonora Cienaguera – La piojosa
11 Alfredo Gutierrez – La banda borracha
12 Los Tupamaros – El viejito parrandero
13 Romulo Caicedo – Guepa je
14 Lucho Bermudez – Colombia tierra querida
15 Lisandro Meza – Y de plata que
16 Orchestra Edmundo Arias -Juanita bonita
17 Alfredo Gutierrez – Cumbia serrana
18 Jimmy Pedrozo – Lo mas sabroso
19 Diomedes Dias – Herencia
20 La Sonora de Baru – Negra linda
21 Guillermo Gonzalez – Lupita
22 Los Satelites – Ocaso Marino
23 Climaco Sarmiento – Cumbia Sabrosa
24 Alfredo Gutierrez – Festival in Guarare


4 thoughts on “Various Artists – Cumbia Sabrosa

  1. I heard of Cumbia and was looking for a comp of it and came across your fantastic site! Will be checkin out more of your great posts. Thanks for sharing this music!

  2. good thing Paul,
    did you find the other compilation too ?
    I made another Cumbia Compilation shortly, it’s called Colompilation 2, check it out.

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