Dr. Victor Abimbola Olaiya – ” In the Sixties “

Dr. Victor Olaiya, front

Well here we go. My first post on the world wide web.
When I was visiting one of the biggest recordfairs of Europe,
in Utrecht, I found this rare highlife LP from Nigeria. One of
my friends and I were looking for just anything by this artist,
so I was pleasantly surprised to find this album.
This is Dr. Victor Olaiya, ” In the Sixties ” Polydor 1966


8 thoughts on “Dr. Victor Abimbola Olaiya – ” In the Sixties “

  1. Wow, I see why you hooked up with Zecalouro. Your site is one of the very best, according to my taste! Thanx a lot for posting all these gems!!!!
    Olavo di Txada (tabanka.no)

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