Celina y Reutilio – A SantaBarbara, Discos Fuentes

Celina y Reutilio, front, cd size

When I am hunting for records at a fair for instance, I am always
looking out for anything on ‘Discos Fuentes’. one of those days I
was the lucky finder of this rarity. Celina Gonzalez and Reutilio
Dominguez are Cubans, this is a Colombian release that
contains some of their early successes.


1 A Santa Barbara
2 San Lazaro
3 Flores para tu altar
4 A la reina del mar
5 Maria de la luz
6 El hijo del elegua
7 Defiendeme Santa Barbara
8 A la caridad del cobre
9 A la virgin del Carmen
10 El congo Ramon
11 Tambores Africanos
12 Antonia Cervasio


9 thoughts on “Celina y Reutilio – A SantaBarbara, Discos Fuentes

  1. Another incredible album! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful music! don’t think I’ve heard anything I don’t like posted on global groove yet!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing, I’ve been looking for these songs for ever. I grew up listening to them, my mother’s lp was pink with a Santa Barbara picture on it.


  3. I have this in original issue and it is KILLLER! I urge if you have any kind of sould in your body and rhythm drives you, pick this one up!

  4. gracias por el disco, la verdad yo escuchaba a celina y reutilio desde que era niño y tenia solo un casette de éxitos de ellos, ya me hacia falta un disco pero me era muy dificil conseguirlo, gracias de verdad

  5. I love this musuc . I use to have the album but it was green, Celia cruz sang some of the songs too, can I ask how ca i hear the songs here via internet?

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