The Four Brothers – Makorokoto,Cooking Vinyl 1988

Somehow I feel a strong connection with 1988 tonight.
Therefore I post this ‘Chimurenga’ LP from that year.
The Four Brothers bring a great album, guitar driven
dancematerial from Zimbabwe, I always loved this one.


1 makorokoto
2 Rugare
3 Wapenga nayo bonus
4 Ndakatadzeiko
5 Sara tasangana
6 Pamusoroi
7 Nhaka yemusiiranwa
8 Ushandifunga
9 Guhwa uri mwana waani
10 Ndakatambura


3 thoughts on “The Four Brothers – Makorokoto,Cooking Vinyl 1988

  1. Maybe it’s a bit late to comment & say thank you, but I grabbed this one ages ago before Mediafire got shirty, and have only just listened to it. What a great album it is – those Zimbabwean jit bands are just great! Thank you!!

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