Hugh Mundell – Blackman’s Foundation
Shanachie 1983

What we have here is a very special post. Requested by Justin
Thyme, this is ‘Hugh Mundell’. Hugh was murdered at 21 years
old, sitting in a car with ‘Junior Reid’, another great talent. His
album ‘ Africa must be free by 1983’ was a tremendous hit, the
cruel thing is that this was the year, he got shot. From 1983 this
is ‘Blackman’s Foundation’, a 4 star rated album by ‘All Music
Guide’, being one of Hugh’s latest recordings. As I was told by
the salesman who sold it to me, his latest was this rare 12″ single,
‘ Hey Good Looking’, that I added as Bonustrack.
Hope you enjoy this,


1 Blackman’s foundation
2 Great tribulation
3 Time has come
4 Stop ’em Jah
5 Time and place
6 Don’t stay away
7 Can’t pop no style
8 Rastafari’s call
9 One Jah, one aim, one destiny
10 Hey good looking


4 thoughts on “Hugh Mundell – Blackman’s Foundation
Shanachie 1983

  1. Thanks for sharing all of this great music. I collect music on vinyl also and will be searching out some of these titles.

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